Bus Services, Volunteering electricals recycling and White Cliffs Countryside projects, Sir Roger De Haan, QUIZ TOMORROW EVENING 13th Oct

Dear Go Folkestone Member

The Go Folkestone Magazine is coming out around 1st November. Any late entries or newsflashes will be considered until 20 October if you wish to email Go Folkestone. There was a monthly meeting yesterday at which one of the items was bus services. Any sensible, cogent views on this would also be useful. We also remain poised to set up some recycling volunteer activities on Saturday mornings. If you are interested in principle, please let GF know. If you are not a member, please join to help with volunteer activities, which we hope to include helping WCCP and others.

We hope that we will be meeting Sir Roger De Haan this month at a members’ meeting, and we hope that all members will consider attending. Please RSVP your attendance.  This will be primarily to hear news about the fate of the Princess Royal public house which Go Folkestone, New Folkestone Society and others have sought to save. Presumably, it is relatively good news as a demolition would be extremely unpopular. This 1860’s public house is tucked away behind The Harbour Bar. We have sought its retention as a domestic or community building for some years, since it is not in a prime location, but is very typical of Victorian Folkestone, which, as we all know, is being constantly nibbled away at. It would seem to be in a very poor condition, but stories of subsidence have never been fully substantiated despite many years during which they might have been the chimneys remain upright!!  We have suggested two or three social housing flats and even a characterful public convenience but would be happy with any decision that retained most of the shell.

Of course, this is also an opportunity for the Seafront and other matters to be raised, which most of you will be exercised over. At this stage, Sir Roger or his representatives have the right to make no comment on any matters that they are still considering or negotiating. But it is very good that he should come to Folkestone to talk to people.

St Mary and St Eanswythe’s Church are having a quiz tomorrow in aid of getting new central heating for the church, which of course is important to the whole town historically . Please turn up at the Church Hall next to the school at 6.30pm and we will fit you into a team. It is a good quality quiz, but convivial passengers are extremely welcome. Go Folkestone Calendars will be available for sale,  

Yours sincerely,

Richard Wallace

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