(NB: This is combined with the Creative Quarter tour)

The Bayle tour was introduced during the summer of 2020 when it became apparent that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it became impossible to visit the studios and galleries in the Creative Quarter, thereby shortening the original tour. It was necessary, therefore, to bring the two adjoining, but very different, parts of town together to form a single satisfying walk.

Starting at the Town Hall/Museum, we proceed along lovely Church Street to reach the magnificent medieval church and hear of the life of the town’s patron saint, Eanswythe. Pastel hued houses, a delightful pond and gardens and the oldest pub in Folkestone, all add to the interest of this small area where excavations have revealed several ancient artefacts.

As Bayle Street merges into Rendezvous Street, the tour links with the Creative Quarter.

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