(NB: This is sometimes combined with The Bayle walking tour)

Folkestone’s growing reputation as a tourist destination has been largely built upon the regeneration of the town, financed by former Saga owner, Roger de Haan, over the past fifteen years.

Many of the dilapidated medieval buildings in the old town, now known as the Creative Quarter, have been purchased and renovated, and offered to creative people to live and work in. The Old High Street, for example, virtually a no-go area in 2005 when the first tenant moved in, is now a vibrant and eclectic mix of one of a kind shops, galleries, cafes and restaurants – and even Folkestone’s very own Banksy!

The tour, which lasts between two and three hours, focuses on this and the adjoining Rendezvous and Tontine Streets, exploring their history, the many artworks and enjoying the lively cafe culture (there is no shortage of options for that free drink included in the price of the tour!).

It begins and finishes outside the Town Hall, which houses the local museum. It should be noted that the Old High Street is cobbled and relatively steep in some places.

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