Trees for the Queen – Latest News

Go Folkestone have raised £623 net of Just Giving fees through Just Giving, including £200 in cash donations forwarded into that account by the Chair, and £440 raised through direct cheques, making an ongoing total of £1063 towards the Jubilee Tree Project run by the members of the Cheriton and Morehall Royal British Legion; they of course have raised a lot more. This became a more special memorial project when the Queen died in September. We still hope for more donations, but you must approach Go Folkestone directly via

Eight or more flowering cherry trees are being planted along the front of Cheriton Road Cemetery, augmenting others already there, opposite Morrisons, Three Hills Sports Centre, Folkestone Bowls’ Club, Folkestone Invicta and Harvey Grammar School. Are local schools doing anything in memory of the Queen; if not, then donations linked to artwork and stories for the magazine would be great. An avenue of flowers will exist every Spring for many years, along one of the busiest and yet most civilised roads in Folkestone. We are sure Queen Elizabeth II would have liked them.

You can still see the Just Giving Page.

The most generous individual donation was £240 by Folkestone Invicta Club to the members of which we are very grateful. Two other donations of £100 were made without wishing for publicity, but we know who you are, and thank you. We are not closing our efforts yet but instead ring-fencing Queen’s trees donations within the Go Folkestone Lloyds Account to fund extra trees in the next planting season, but the official campaign organised by the members of Cheriton and Morehall RBL may close soon, or at least bring down the curtain for this year’s trees.

Thank you again. Please join Go Folkestone to help our funds, our magazine and to help with other projects and events, including murals, tree planting and public interest comments on planning and other consultations.

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