Green Gang

Over 70 trees were planted by us during the last planting season. Please contact Go Folkestone if you wish to join our group or the overall cemetery group watering our trees in the cemetery and in Three Hills.

Go Folkestone is helping members of the Cheriton and Morehall branch of the Royal British Legion raise money for a series of cherry blossom trees for the Queen’s Jubilee in Cheriton Road Cemetery around the War Memorial and along the prominent Cheriton Road frontage (as funds allow).  As of 8 June we have raised a creditable £460 including cheques, but want to get well in excess of £500, so that we can match fund other trees with other organisations e.g. Folkestone Invicta FC. Invicta have given us £240 which is additional to the £460. Please send your donations, preferably to the Just Giving website.

If you don’t feel comfortable with computers, post a cheque for £5 or £10 or whatever you can afford, made payable to Go Folkestone to 4 Beachborough Road, Folkestone CT19 4AB. This is probably the nicest way to show what you think of Queen Elizabeth in her jubilee year.

Latest Plans For Folkestone Seafront

We have sent a submission regarding Sir Roger De Haan’s latest plans for Folkestone seafront. The submission has been acknowledged by the Folkestone Harbour and Seafront Development Company.


Folca (the former Debenhams) is currently intended to have its Victorian corner block and turret demolished and redeveloped with a six-storey block including the health practices currently run from Manor Road and Guildhall Street. It will be a super health centre that will pull in a catchment of 19,000 to the heart of the town centre, rejuvenating it. Go Folkestone has always backed the general idea, however we had hoped that the Victorian shell would be retained at least in part. Unfortunately, an early attempt in 2020 to get the property listed failed.

Town Centre Parking

This has been discussed constructively with Council Leader David Monk. Dan Keeling has written a keynote piece for the magazine, which contains our key proposals for enhancing St Eanswythe’s Way/Shellons Street car park, keeping all two hour parking and we have put in longer representations which we will reinforce.


We have talked to the Town Council, District Council leader and hotel and catering organisation. The main tourist website should not get rejuvenated until the end of the year. This at least gives time for us to put forward material.

Any locals or students with historical, literary or photographic talent can join our informal subgroup.

Members who are writers and observers please contact Go Folkestone.

See also the July 2022 planning report for more information.

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