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The String Sinfonia from the University of Kent, the wonderfully talented university students string orchestra which I direct,  is coming to Folkestone on Friday 10 May at 7pm for for a free one hour concert in the Green Room at the Grand. The programme will include

Serenade by Dag Wiren                    composed by one of Sweden’s best known 20th century composers

Sang Till Lotta by Jan Sandstorm      a piece for Trombone and strings

Broken Voices by Juliet Lewis           a new piece composed by one of our own students

Ulysses Awakes by John Woolrich     for viola solo and strings          If you dont know this piece you MUST come and hear it, it is indescribably powerful

Suite for Strings by Libby Croad         an exciting fabulous piece composed in 2018 by one of the UK’s leading current female composers

The programme, featuring 20th and 21st century only string writing (the oldest piece in the programme) was composed in 1937, will showcase both the melodious, lyrical and beautiful nature of new, contemporary string writing and will highlight the incredible talent of our UKC students. If you are a msuic teacher, it is a great aspirational concert to encourage your students to attend. And you dont even need to go onto to studying at the top conservatoire to enjoy making great music as a student.  I’d love a huge audience for them, as we are performing out of our home turf that campus is. The concert is free (but donations are always welcomed :):) , it will last one hour. Please do come: it is a perfect way to kick off of your weekend. Share a drink with us in the bar afterwards.

Thanks and hopefully see you on Friday evening.

Flo Peycelon – Musical Director University of Kent Strings Sinfonia