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2024 sees Hot Salvation turn ten years old. George Clift and Natalie Barker opened the first shop in Rendezvous Street, Folkestone in 2014. Though the couple and their family now live in West Yorkshire, and the company has moved into artist management, label project management and distribution, Folkestone is still core to the HS story. George now runs the company remotely with Folkestone resident Steven Tudor, together helping a whole roster of international labels and artists bring their music to market as well as happily continuing their creative work with the Folkestone Fringe to curate Profound Sound Festival.

ARTISTSThick Drizzle
Thea Grant (Oslo/London, Shadow World)
Dylan Henner
Second Dark Age
Xam Duo

Thick DrizzleThick Drizzle is a solo-side project of South London band Dry Cleaning’s Tom Dowse. In this project, Dowse weaves finger-picked guitar in the vein of Karen Dalton and John Fahey, through his sweeping vocals bringing to mind contemporaries like Richard Dawson and Mount Eerie/The Microphones.
His songs are a cosmology of folklore and personal myth that conjure a sense of place both real and imagined. Augmented by soundscapes sculpted using tape loops and field recordings, Thick Drizzle seeks to bring to life a world of its own.

Thea GrantGrant’s breathy and gentle vocal delivery sets a tone of intimacy, drawing listeners into a world where sound becomes an ethereal companion. The richness of her composition lies in its multifaceted layers: warm sub-bass swells form a sturdy foundation, enveloping you in a cocoon of deep, resonating tones. These are further complemented by reverberated layers that stretch across the sonic spectrum, creating a vast and immersive soundscape.
Thea’s sense of contrast stands proud. While the foundation is built on intimacy and warmth, there’s a playful yet artful incorporation of heavy distortion and vocal pitch shifting. These elements add vibrant crunch to the otherwise dreamy, distant feel, creating an intriguing tension within the music. The juxtaposition of these elements injects a dynamic quality.

Second Dark AgeSecond Dark Age debuted in 2023 with the tape Improvised Metal for Guitar and Saxophone by ‘REALITY’ ensemble on Shadow World Archive, and has also included a solo Metal-Drone work ‘FIERCE, STRONG’ for Brighton label Human Worth. SDA pushes elements of both free and minimalist techniques into the further reaches of Metal, Sound Collage, Death, Thrash, Industrial, Drone, Hardcore and more.

George Clift is an artist from East Kent, currently living in West Yorkshire. He works with Icelandic label Bedroom Community, Brighton indie Phantom Limb, founded and runs the Shadow World label, manages various artists and composers and founded distributor and project management company Hot Salvation with his wife Natalie in Folkestone, 2014 as a bricks and mortar record shop.

Dylan HennerDeep ambient loops, gently unfolding arpeggios, and angelic choirs coexist on the captivating pieces of music made by Dylan Henner. Rather than aiming for the uncanny valley of hybrid electronics, Henner achieves a delicate balance between his various sound sources, resulting in sublime music that raises existential questions, while comforting its listeners.

On his debut album The Invention of the Human (2020), Henner questions what makes us human and what good can come from civilisation when there’s so much misery attached to it. Follow-up You Will Always Be (2022) gives solace to the brevity of human life and explores the cycles of life and death. Both albums, released on AD93, are serene and cerebral works, referencing ambient and experimental music, sound design, and field recordings. During Rewire 2023, Henner performs his music exclusively with live vocal processing and voice synthesis.

Doors open at 4:30pm with Tom Dowse (Dry Cleaning) set starting at 5pm –

Age Restrictions

18+ (14-17 accompanied by an adult)


Standard £15

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