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Fishing and Heritage Museum

No matter how much we may regard Folkestone as a place of regeneration, the original infrastructure, and natural landscape inevitably remain first and foremost.

Fishing is a fundamental asset that has benefited Folkestone throughout centuries as our natural heritage- living through, within, and beyond the breathing of our seaside town. It’s integral then, to keep this ingrained history alive through our own learning and recognition… when today, only 22 men operating 9 boats are supported on our waters, a far cry from being the town’s main industry.

The team at Folkestone’s Fishing History and Heritage Museum are now open daily from 10:30-16:00. For free, you have the opportunity to get hands-on experience of life on a fishing boat- learning rope splicing, net breeding, mending a variety of knots, and handling items to discover their use, size, and weight around the difficulties of operating in small moving vessels. Visitors can also examine artefacts, original photographs, equipment and have a nose around the items for sale.

Folkestone Fishing Museum is nestled under the arches on The Stade opposite Rocksalt.  It tells the many stories of families and fishing that were the mainstay of Folkestone for hundreds of years.  It’s run by a small group of retired fishermen who can trace their ancestry back through generations of fishermen working out of the harbour just across from the museum’s entrance.

The Stade (near the fish market)
Admission FREE