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Come with your little one(s) and enjoy a live, improvised, experimental, beatboxing sound track to dance and move to, whilst spending precious bonding time together and meeting new and old friends in the process. As well as being great fun, this will be sowing seeds of creativity, freedom of expression, experimentation and a love for music! We invite you to come in fancy dress and make it even more fun!!!

Little ones really relate to the organic sounds created by the voice and are enchanted, intrigued and inspired. They are in the moment, doing what comes natural to them which is dance, move, play, go with the flow and generally have a great time! For the adults, the invitation is to follow their lead and let go – and we do this by dropping from the mind and into the body. I will be offering some encouraging and inspiring words to help facilitate this (a bit like a sound journey). But don’t worry, everything is an invitation, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. It’s going to be very relaxed. But hopefully we can all get down and have a bit of a boogie! When I was a kid, I remember seeing my Mum dancing so freely and expressively on the dance floor and it really made a big impact on me. That memory still inspires me to this day! That could be you! When we let go and move how we truly want to move, it energizes and inspires others and creates amazing energy that is tangible! It is my intention that, in this way, we will create a unique and magical space together, have a beautiful time whilst creating community and this will set us up for the rest of the week! I look forward to seeing you there!

What is Beatboxing?
A vocal art form that uses the voice to mimic drum beats, instruments and other sound effects. I will be using a loop station which allows me to record and loop my voice to create original pieces of music.

What to Bring?
Bring anything you would usually take on a trip to the park.

There is usually some parking down this road and a minimal amount behind the hall. If you can car share, all the better.

The space is sanitised before we make use of it and we are not required to ask for Covid tests. Please show kindness to the community and if you are not well, wait until you are symptom free before coming to one of these events.

About the host:
Jamie Cahill
Music artist, beatboxer, workshop leader and meditation and sound journey teacher/facilitator. It is my honour and joy to co-create this space with you and make a unique sound track for you all to enjoy.

Tickets £5 on the door  or