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Invitation from Oliver Senton, Theatremaker living and working in Kent…

Your chance to meet theatremakers from all over East Kent, and air all the passions, irritations and grievances you might want to air.

East Kent is bursting with people who make and share live art of many different kinds: theatremakers, writers and actors; producers, educational groups and directors; lighting and sound designers, outreach charities, stage managers and more. But most of those talented and active artists don’t seem to know what most of the others are doing.

For years, theatre in East Kent has struggled in the shadow of London; making work for local audiences is sneered at in comparison to the metropolis, and Arts Council grants take precedence over regional collaboration, co-production and responsibility to our immediate communities. But there are more than enough venues, audiences and makers for this to change. There is no reason why, if connections and communication between us were good enough, there shouldn’t be loads of great theatre performed and toured within East Kent, and more local audiences watching locally-made work.

How do we build this new model? How can companies and venues from Dover to Deal, Folkestone to Margate, Ashford to Canterbury work together to build East Kent’s own ecology? Or do you want more localised models, theatre for small communities? Is theatre a luxury anyway, in difficult times when many are struggling to pay bills? And does our region deserve it as much as anyone else? One thing is certain – if we don’t do anything about it, resources elsewhere are going to get more scarce, and money even scarcer. We have to help each other to survive, and to thrive.

If you are able and would like to, you can create a ‘golden ticket’ for someone who may not otherwise be able to attend. For more information please contact dandd@woofbarkdonkey.com

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