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Welcome to the first event to take place as part of our special Church & Coast Soundbath Pilgrimage.

We will be joined by guest artist Glenda Allaway (harp) at St Mary & St Eanswythe Church, Folkestone (Kent, UK).

The soundbath is an immersive and meditative sound performance where you are invited to close your eyes and tune to the sound as we play live continuously for an hour.

For our Church & Coast series, prior to each soundbath we are offering an optional short tour of the historic location (led by a local enthusiast), plus a short informal workshop. You are welcome to attend any part of the event using this ticket.

  • 4:15pm Arrival and short informal church tour optional (approx 30 mins)
  • 5pm Short informal workshop – a chance to meet the artists and learn about the instruments optional (approx 30 mins)
  • 5:30pm Short break & opportunity to meet other participants optional (30 mins)
  • 6pm Soundbath event (1 hour)
  • 7pm Questions & reflections optional (approx 15 mins)

Please arrive at 5:45pm if you wish to take part in the soundbath only.


Please pay in accordance to your financial circumstances. If you can afford the upper prices you are helping us continue this work and making it available to those on lower incomes. Please book enough tickets for everybody in your party (including all children).

Suggested contribution: £5 – £20 per place.

We are offering a FULL series ticket option (come to as many as you wish) for £25

What to expect and bring

The lead artists will introduce the soundbath meditation and offer some guidance on how to best to enjoy the experience (e.g. deep breathing). The meditation will take place to an improvised experimental “soundscape” using a variety of instruments. This is a seated experience so there is no need to bring a mat. You may wish to bring a small cushion to sit on. You can also stand if you wish to. People often choose to close their eyes during the meditation.

We recommend you bring warm clothes as inside the church is always a little cooler (unless a heat wave is upon us!).

Hot and cold drinks will be available.

The short church tour will be led by a local enthusiast – an opportunity to learn about the history, features and folklore of each historic location. The short tour is suitable for a general public (non-specialist) audience.

The guest artist will lead a short informal workshop to introduce their instrument and answer any questions you may have. If you wish, you may choose to participate in some improvised music creation using your voice, body percussion or light percussion instruments (provided).


The soundbath element will involve sitting in silence for 45-60 minutes. Children are welcome provided they can seat through the experience. The soundbath is not usually suitable for very young children, though they are welcome to attend the tour and workshop. Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.


Wherever possible, we would encourage attendees to walk, cycle or use public transport to attend the event. Folkestone is well-served by local buses, as well as train connections to Ashford, Dover, Ramsgate and London (with High Speed connections). There are also many local walking routes nearby in areas of historic and environmental interest including the sea front path to Sandgate/Hythe, Folkestone Warren, Kent Downs, The Weald and Romney Warren.