IMPORTANT: This is a gentle nudge to remind you that we are hoping to go to press with our 2024 calendar by mid-July, which means we will need to receive your photographs by July 1st. The reason for this is that by having a longer run in time to Christmas we will be able, by using our website as well as our usual outlets, be able to reach a wider market and increase our sales and allow more people to see what a wonderful place Folkestone is. We can’t do this without your calendar photographs so would love to receive any shots you may have taken this year, or previously, as soon as you care to send them. We’re having a lovely spring so how about some  blossom shots! The guidelines are the same, primarily Folkestone Town with a few of the surrounding countryside or villages. The profit will as usual go towards funding our projects, the latest of which are a proposed Lighthouse Viewing Balcony on the Leas and the re-installation of the original Victoria Pier Foundation Stone.

As usual we will give three free calendars for each photograph published and photo credits are given beside the photographs and separately on the inside cover.

Please send your photos/files to David at: or If you need advice call on 01303 254263 or 07771 545582.

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