We produce a thrice-yearly magazine, containing articles on Folkestone, but with an emphasis on reviews, endangered memories, buildings, openings and closings, local books, local sport and long-term plans. 1500 copies are printed and circulated throughout the area and it appears on the website and is widely disseminated.

Go Folkestone

Members receive an electronic copy of the magazine before any distribution. Advertising and subscriptions are its only support.

Anyone is welcome to submit articles for consideration although members are favoured. Articles should not normally exceed 1000 words (2 pages) but larger pieces may get onto the Go Folkestone Facebook page. Pieces from 100 words upwards are welcome.

We don’t believe in rants or party politics but will try and express mainstream anxieties e.g. recently and with some success on Leas Pavilion and on Cheriton cycle-path plans.

Our Current and Previous Magazines