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Monthly Meeting Postponed

Dear Go Folkestone Members,                                                

Because of the direct clash with England’s 7.00pm kick off against Croatia in which at least half of us are engrossed, and which may turn Wards Hotel into a sports bar for the day, the Go Folkestone monthly meeting, which is nearly always on the second Wednesday in the month, will be postponed to Wednesday 18 July at 7:15pm at Wards Hotel.


We remain keen to get more entries for the 2019 Go Folkestone calendar. Professionals can get free advertising on calendar and in magazine, and both amateurs and professionals can have the pleasure of sending free calendars to their far-flung family and friends and having their work up in about 390 homes judging by last year. Meanwhile we raise a few hundred pounds for small projects like the possible Reverend David Railton MC MA memorial.

It seems Next’s shop in Bouverie Place, noted in our magazine as closing for good next Saturday is likely [many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip] to be replaced by Choices Discount. This is a fast expanding new chain which started online selling ‘designer brands’ mainly of clothes and is now opening shops, no doubt with a strong click-and-connect component. It is more clothes and high-end orientated than TK MAXX: Marks and Sparks are rumoured to ‘remainder’ through them, plus more unusual brands. It is good that Folkestone Town Centre can poach outlet centre type businesses, even if the loss of Next is unfortunate. There are half price sales this week at Next, though not of anything very expensive.

We are keen to get nominations for more tree planting in streets and parks from the public. It costs £250 to plant a street plant properly, including a new edged bed and watering for a year. But if you promise to water it i.e. it is very close to your house it can be cheaper. We will show the ongoing planting plan at the next meeting. I am sorry to Alder Road residents, but the services are just where the trees would be.

The aforementioned Rev.David Railton memorial is featured in the latest magazine. Go Folkstone may match any generous donations you can make out of its calendar sales by arrangement, so get in touch. This small but significant gesture to a local hero can be done with your help,

Go Folkestone members should be invited soon to a little opening of Sir Jeffery Hudson’s statuette in Kingsnorth Gardens. But we are meeting FHDC next week to sort out some details as things are dragging slightly.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Wallace