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Contemporary Art Exh. Sassoon Gallery. 8th to 28th September


From the wild to the domestic, a fleeting glimpse to be distantly admired or something on the plate, the relationship of animals with humans is complex, multi-layered and ever-shifting. In a fresh exploration of animal-human interaction “Animalia” will generate friction and fusion between death and life, us and them, wild and tame.

“Animalia” seeks to create a dynamic space to question our perceptions, perfectly situated in this coastal town at the edge of human interaction with creatures of the cultivated land and untamed sea. We invite you to participate in this vibrant re-imaging of what is animal and what is human, to investigate our interconnectedness as species in the past and present. This exhibition promises to be emotive, explorative and playful, sounding out a new voice for the wordless and rendering unfamiliar images for animals we think we know.

Exhibiting Artists include:
Fleur Alston, Andrew Bruce, Dorcas Casey, Chris F Clark, Rich Cutler, Tessa Farmer, Kelly McCallum and Angela Wooi

Curated by:
Ali Farmer